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Fairy DogParents is a 501C3 nonprofit charity organization that targets DogParents experiencing financial hardship- specifically when faced with a decision on whether or not they can continue to afford to keep their dog or will need to surrender it to a shelter. We assist qualified DogParents with the financial burden of dog food, medical assistance and general wellness. Assistance is temporary and not guaranteed long term.
The founder of Fairy DogParents lost her rescue dog Ladybug in January 2009 after a long battle with various illnesses. She realized how fortunate she was to afford Ladybug’s veterinary needs, multiple medicines and prescription food. She asked the vet if she could donate her left over medications and food and sponsor another family who had fallen on hard times and were at risk for having to surrender their dog due to temporary financial strain. When the vet, local rescue leagues, shelters and animal groups all said 'something like that doesn't exist' she decided it should. Since March 2009 we've assisted more than 110 Sponsor Dogs in Massachusetts. And thanks to our supporters this number is growing every month.
Fairy DogParents is operational in the state of Massachusetts. Our vision is to prevent Massachusetts dog Massachusetts DogParents from surrendering their dogs when they come up agains difficult financial and personal situations. We are not operational outside of Massachusetts however we plan to expand beyond Massachusetts in 2014 pending necessary funding and resources.
We aren't in a position to do this. We are a small group of 5 people who make up the board/volunteers/and everything else. We are working with shelters to get the word out to families considering surrendering their dog- to give us a call.
We realize dogs are not the only animals being surrendered but we needed to start someplace. The focus on dogs came from the recent loss of Ladybug a rescue dog that lived with the founder.
We have a brief application process that we can talk them through. They can contact us through the website. We will look at their particular situation, their financial hardship and their areas of need to properly qualify them.
Year do date in 2011 we subsidized $21,000 towards our Sponsor Dogs food, medical and wellness needs. Funds raised will go towards sponsorship of local Masschusetts dogs at risk of being surrendered to shelters because their DogParents cannot afford food or care. Less than 10% of all donations go towards operating costs. Fairy DogParents is a 100% volunteer run nonprofit charity.
Since inception in March 2009 we've assisted more than 110 Sponsor Dogs and each month this number grows. Their needs vary from food assistance, vaccinations, prescriptions, general wellness and acute care needs. Each DogParent can receive sponsorship up to $800 towards care if they qualify for chronic or acute care and funds are available. Each Sponsor Dog was at risk of being surrendered to a shelter without our assistance. Our 2011 goal is to sponsor 75 new dogs in Massachusetts and in 2012 we plan to sponsor 100 more.
The best way is to sign up for our email list to receive our monthly newsletters, follow us on Twitter or join our FaceBook Cause Page. We plan to update our donors monthly on the progress we've made. We will not share your email address with anyone. Alternatively you can visit the Gallery section of our website.